Is Trump's Second Impeachment Even Constitutional?

Ever since the protest at the Capitol building, we have heard the radical left call for the second impeachment of Donald Trump. But is this even constitutional to do?

According to former Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz, impeachment is designed to remove a sitting President. Furthermore, to disqualify a former President from being able to run for office again that President must be impeached. Since President Trump is no longer a sitting President, impeachment should not even be on the table.

Does that mean Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will follow the Constitution? Its doubtful, considering the actions we have seen from them in the past. Let's hope there is enough true Republicans left that will block the impeachment in the Senate.

*Checkout the video below from Alan Dershowitz explaining the situation.

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  • It seemed too be a Witch Hunt from the very beginning, it’s Bidens turn now. I think they are getting revenge for Hillary Clinton, and get exposed for crimes 🤔

  • How do they consider themselves in charge , their on the wrong side of the razor wire ! They have no states to govern .

    Dennis Bracey
  • The GOP is dead. Nobody in D.C. upholds their Oath of Office or fights for American’s Constitutional rights. D.C. is a facade! Pelosi needs mental help and probably medication.

    Kim B
  • The Constitution hasn’t affected them so far, why would it affect them now?


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