NEW: Bill O’Reilly Sits Down With President Trump

A few weeks ago, the incomparable Bill O’Reilly sat down with President Trump for an interview.

The MSM didn’t cover any portion of it.

I bet you didn’t even know it happened!

I’ve been meaning to cover it and just haven’t had the time, but today is the day.

So if you missed it (because no one else showed it to you) I’ve got you covered right here.

You can watch a portion right here on Rumble and head over to for the full thing:

Bill, it’s so great to see you again, wish you would come back to TV soon!

You are sorely missed.

Hannity does a pretty good job but nothing like you used to put out on The Factor.

We miss you!

Did you know O’Reilly and President Trump are doing a tour this fall?

Uhhh, just have one thing to say….two things actually.

One, that sounds amazing and I would LOVE to attend one of the tour stops.

But two, I’m sorry to inform you of this Bill but I think President Trump may be indisposed at that time.  That is when I am hearing he will be retaking his rightful seat as President and sorting out this mess.

Tour may have to be postponed….

Or maybe you can just do one event from inside the White House and livestream it for everyone?  PERFECT!


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