Rep. Matt Gaetz, Welcome To The Patriot Party!

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has offered to resign from his position in the house for the chance to stand for our great former president in his impeached trial.

Mr. Gaetz is a real patriot and we want to make sure we say thank you for standing up against the corruption in Washington and welcome to the Patriot Party.

Former President Trump has not asked Mr. Gaetz to do this, this is just the willingness he has to stand for truth and our freedoms. This is the exact action we need from our patriots in Washington, hopefully more follow Mr. Gaetz lead.

If more representatives and senators are not willing to stand and fight for the American people against the radical left then they also should have articles of expulsion filed against them.

THANK YOU AGAIN! Mr. Gaetz for being a true patriot and standing for your president, country and citizens!


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  • Excelent !

  • I got my house in Florida and that’s where I am heading. President Trump is the best President ever

    Sandy holl

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