Republicans Making Moves On Corrupt Rhinos

The South Carolina GOP formally voted to censure Rep. Tom Rice. This comes after Rice voted to impeach former President Trump in an unconstitutional trial.

Rice is one of ten rhinos that voted to impeach the president on Jan. 13 and the efforts to hold Rice accountable started emerging that day from a county within his district.

The Republican party has condemned all 10 rhinos, with some already facing challenges for their seats. The Republicans know that Donald Trump is the leader of the party and if they have any chance of remaining relevant they must expel the rhinos and in a sense become the Patriot Party.

The corporate media likes to portray that the Republican party is crumbling and barely holding together. They portray this image because the rhinos and Democrats have had control over government for so long and they are actually the ones holding on by a thread.

We have seen certain families groom their children to control government for future generations and their manipulation is finally being exposed. So they blame the opposition for the very actions and problems they are the cause of. 

Steps are finally being taken to expel the corruption in our government. This is not a fight that will be won over night like we had all hoped. But like Biden loves to say " we didn't get in this problem overnight", he's right. When is the last time you contacted your senators or representatives? It will take time, patience and persistence to get our government back.  

Stay in contact with your senators and state representatives and let them know you demand they stand for this great country or they will meet the same fate as these ten rhinos. It's time we get involved and stay involved it is the only way we win back America!


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