Top Trump Advisor Reveals Trump's Plans

According to Jason Miller one of Trump's top advisors, President Trump plans to start making moves shortly to help win back the House and Senate in two years. Trump is also planning to be the nation's leader on voter integrity and wants to work closely with state legislators. On the last day in office, Jason Miller tweeted a picture of the White House with the caption "until 2025". Buckle in because it sounds like President Trump is going to make the greatest comeback we have ever seen!

*Checkout the short video below about Trump's future plans (time stamp: beginning-1:18)

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  • TEAM TRUMP!!! ♥️🇺🇸

    Jane Caeey
  • One shot…try me assholes…

    Susan coonrod
  • I have and will continue to support the greatest president since Lincoln. No more talk about a patriot party, I will not garner enough sustainable support. Take OUR party back from the bullshit in DC. You are the face of the Republican party you are the face of freedom YOU ARE THE FACE OF AMERICA. We are behind you sir.

  • President Trump I have always supported you and I will continue to do so I dont give a rats ass what these Democrats and Republicans want you are the best president we have had in a real long time and I will always consider you the president of the United States. I will never even think about calling joe biden the president bc he is nothing but a lying piece of dog crap. Cant wait till you come out with the Patriot party bc I will join that party bc I know what you stand for. You have always put us first and i will support you a 100%

    Ken Ozbun
  • Count on my support! God bless you and your family

    Christy Fountain

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