Trump Makes A Surprise Appearance In Florida


Former President Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at a Palm Beach dog rescue fundraiser on Friday.

The 45th president made a brief statement at the event, which was hosted at his Mar-a-Lago resort, saying, "So, I didn't exactly prepare for this, but I was walking by, and I hear everyone screaming ... and I said, ['What's going on?'], and she said, 'We're going to help dogs,' and that's OK with me," according to a video of the event posted to Twitter.

Lauree Simmons, president and founder of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, hosted the fundraiser event to help 500 dogs from China come to the United States.



Her fundraiser aims to highlight China's dog meat market trade and set a goal to raise $500,000 to help dogs from China escape from the harvesting trade.

"President Trump visited the event and thanked those attending for their support in helping Big Dog Ranch Rescue save 47,000 dogs to date. The crowd responded with a standing ovation for President Trump, Lara Trump and Laurie Simmons for the work they did to pass the first national anti-cruelty bill to protect animals," Chase Scott, spokesman for Big Dog Ranch Rescue, told the Washington Examiner.

Scott added that the fundraiser will extend into Saturday, saying he will announce the proceeds raised following the event's conclusion.

"[What you're] doing is so important and so great, and so important, and I'm with you 100%, and you had many meetings in the White House and the Oval Office having to do with saving and helping dogs," Trump said during a speech at the fundraiser.

Trump also hinted his daughter-in-law Lara Trump might run for U.S. Senate, according to WPTV-TV, a local NBC affiliate.

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  • I am so grateful to become aware of such an incredibly beautiful charity!!! Love!! Congratulations on the success! So P-AWESOME! ..& POTUS45 is so loved, happy he was in attendance. Great cause!! Save the dogs from the horrific reality of life in China. God Bless!

    Rene Ward

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