Trump Supporter Handcuffed, Kicked Out of Yankee Stadium for Displaying 'Trump Won' Banner


A supporter of former President Donald Trump was escorted out of Yankee Stadium in handcuffs after he hung a large pro-Trump banner from the second deck.

Video and photos showed two men unrolling a “Trump Won Save America” flag and the stadium crowd appearing to erupt in a cheer of boos.

“Sounded like the entire crowd was booing until security confiscated the banner, which then resulted in a loud cheer,” Sports Illustrated reporter Max Goodman tweeted.

People on the deck below appeared to jump up in an attempt to pull the banner down but were unsuccessful.

Security guards confronted the men, and pictures showed that there appeared to be a struggle over the flag, the New York Post reported.

Yankee Stadium has a series of policies and procedures “to provide a secure and enjoyable environment for everyone,” according to the team’s Major League Baseball website.

“Banners and signs are permitted provided they are baseball-related, in good taste, not of a commercial nature and not supported by wood, metal or other materials that could be injurious in a crowded public setting,” the policy reads.

“Any banner or sign may be removed, at any time, at the sole and absolute discretion of the Yankees.”

“Guests who refuse to follow the direction of Yankee Stadium Team Members* or who do not comply with the Guest Code of Conduct face immediate ejection and revocation of season tickets and/or future ticket privileges without refund and may also be in violation of New York State and City ordinances, resulting in possible arrest and prosecution.”

One Twitter user tweeted that it was “great” that the Trump supporters were kicked out of the game, but said that escorting one of them out in handcuffs might be “a little extreme.”

“You would think they had firearms,” she tweeted.

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