Trump's Attorney Van Der Veen Eats Media For Dessert

Trump's attorney, Michael Van Der Veen let loose on the press after the impeachment trial was over and it only took him 5 minutes or so to finish them off.

After Trump was acquitted of inciting an insurrection at the Capitol, CBSN's reporter, Lana Zak got a chance to ask him a few questions and of course they were slanted left to portray Trump had gotten away with another one and it was okay the Democrats manufactured evidence.

But Trump attorney, Van Der Veen was having none of it. He put Zak in her place by exposing how the media drives division for their ratings. He continued to let loose by telling Zak exactly what was wrong with her question and how she NEEDS to fix it. All Zak could do by the end of the interview was hold her head in shame as Van Der Veen ripped off his mic and ended the interview.

Mr. Van Der Veen you sir are a real patriot and 74 million patriots say THANK YOU! Checkout out the whole interview below

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  • Well, censorship is everywhere! In Canada I have not been able to open this article on this and any site that carried it.
    Socialism/Marxism and all who support it are from the devil.

    Tershia Lambrechts
  • Great job Mr Van Der Veen , very proud to see someone stand up for the people and common sense, Thanks we are behind you

    Joseph Gallagher

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