Trump's Save America PAC Ad Slams Biden as 'Surrenderer in Chief'

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Former President Donald Trump's Save America PAC on Tuesday posted an ad slamming President Joe Biden's pullout of U.S. troops from Afghanistan titled "Surrenderer in Chief."

The video shows a montage of images of beginning with administration officials and Biden himself just weeks ago saying that Afghanistan did not face an imminent threat from the Taliban if U.S. troops withdrew by Biden's Aug. 31 deadline.

It is followed by the scenes of chaos that ensued interspersed with the administration acknowledging failure along with criticisms from mainstream media figures and talk show hosts.

"Joe Biden promised Americans a future of growth, strength, diplomacy, and power," a press release accompanying the ad says. "He told us 'America was back.' Instead, he withdrew troops from Afghanistan before removing our weapons, our allies, or even our own citizens."

Biden, the release says, "has backed down to our enemies and failed to protect our allies. Under Joe Biden, the Taliban is back – not America."

"This is not the America we know. The media refuses to blame Biden for the destruction and tragedy he's caused – but we will hold him responsible,"  the release continues. "We can show America the truth, and it's up to YOU to make sure everyone sees this."

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