Limited Edition Patriotic Trump Talking Bottle Opener

Limited Edition Patriotic Trump Talking Bottle Opener

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Come home from a long hard day at work and you grab a nice cold beer out of the fridge and as you sit down, crack that bad boy open and hear the "PSHH" followed by the greatest president's famous line "Make America Great Again" you sit back take a gulp and know everything is going to be alright.

Our Limited Edition Talking Patriotic Trump has a bad-ass patriotic theme and 8 unique Trump phrases which are triggered when the bottle opener is pressed against a bottle top or within 20 feet of a liberal!

These limited edition bottle openers are a HUUGE hit among Trump supports and is probably why we have trouble keeping them in-stock. Grab one for yourself or snag a handful for the crew today before they sell out!

Trump Phrases:

- Make America Great Again
- I'm gonna build a wall
- You're fired
- Don't touch the hair
- My IQ is huge
- I'm the smartest guy I know
- Good people don't go into government
*Batteries included